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Cases Ripe for Technology Dispute Mediation in Los Angeles CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Placing the power to decide a technology dispute is risky for you and your clients. Quite simply, juries are unpredictable. Trying a complicated case regarding complex technology may be particularly risking when the technology involved is difficult for lay people to comprehend. Therefore, technology dispute mediation in Los Angeles California may be a preferable alternative. This option allows the parties to have a confidential session to discuss potential solutions regarding their issue. Technology dispute mediation in Los Angeles California may be the preferred method of handling cases involving:

Negotiation of Contracts

Whether the contract is first being formed or one of the parties has breached the contract, mediation can often alleviate these issues. Since mediation is premised on the idea that the parties can work out their own solution, many cases involving IP or IT contracts are resolved by the parties agreeing to a limited-use of intellectual property or an extended license agreement. Both parties are often able to mutually benefit from such arrangements.

Security Breaches

It is the rare technology company that has not had to worry about cybersecurity breaches. When a breach occurs, a business can face frustrating effects. It must disclose breaches to its customers, which may affect its professional reputation and profitability. When a breach occurs, other companies that have worked with the company before may be hesitant to continue work. Mediation solutions may include additional requirements for safeguards and action plans that will help reduce the risk of similar breaches in the future.


As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, some businesses are having difficulty keeping up. They may be facing economic distress due to a competitor in the market. Mediation between companies may result in a new partnership, a change in payment terms or the purchase of a struggling business.