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Types of Cases Attorney Wood Handles


Some of the industries that Attorney Wood works with include the following:

  • Computer Hardware, Software and Services

  • Electronics and Other Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Consumer Products

  • Leisure and Entertainment

  • Publishing and Media

Representative Matters

When representing his clients, Attorney Wood assists you in the following ways:

  • Commercial Litigation: (Contracts) creation, ownership, and transfer of IP rights; manufacturing, software development, business and real estate broker, landlord/tenant agreements.  (Trademark) trademark ownership; publicity rights; rights in iPhone app; celebrity publicity rights and trademark rights in architectural works; product counterfeit matters. (Patents) infringement, ownership, patent marking, and damages matters in electronics, consumer products, computers, telecommunications, medical devices, oil field systems, electronic components, electro-optical systems; design patent infringement; reexamination proceedings; Patent Board of Appeals; patent pools; claim construction (Markman) hearings. (Copyrights) unauthorized use of urban art in major motion pictures; software copyright infringement; architectural copyright rights; fabric design copyrights; sound recordings. (Trade Secret – Unfair Competition) misappropriation of smart ID card technology including e-discovery disputes and spoliation, large-scale memory technology, intraocular lens, customer lists, and domain name disputes.

  • Commercial Transactional: Agreements related to employment; non-disclosure; consulting; development; import-export; distribution; publicity rights; IP licensing; business broker agreements; product endorsement.

  • Employment / Labor: Non-compete agreements; employer limitations of rights to employee inventions; work-for-hire agreements.

  • Insurance: GCL coverage and duty to defend (advertising injury coverage); General liability and personal injury coverage.

  • Corporate & Non-Profits: Governance; audit committee and independence; board disclosure of conflicts; board-management relations; compensation committee standards and obligations; M&A due diligence.

  • Government and Regulatory: DOJ patent pool and essential patents matters; patent, trademark, and copyright registration and prosecution; U.S. Customs and counterfeit product exclusion; foreign patent and trademark registration and prosecution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Legal Experience

ADR Panels

  • Member of the AAA’s Commercial Arbitration Panel.

  • Member ICDR Panel.

  • Member of USDC Central District ADR Panel;

  • LACBA Fee Arbitration Panel.

  • Agency for Dispute Resolution Panel.

  • LA Superior Court ADR Panel.

  • California Department of Insurance Mediation Panel

  • SCMA


Served as sole arbitrator, panelist, and panel chair in 50+ commercial arbitration matters. Recent matters include patent litigation; numerous patent fee disputes; Software license agreement matter; consumer education contract matter; software development contract to develop App for Android platform; business agent agreement in sale of a business; agreement related to unpermitted property improvements; post-judgment marriage dissolution matter; panel chair regarding TV rights asset purchase; panel chair in a matter of copyrighted jewelry designs; panel chair in fee dispute regarding attorney services.


Mediated approximately 250 matters. Recent matters include ownership interests in a screenplay; trademark infringement; patent infringement matter related to environment protection product; contract and trade secret misappropriation matter related to international manufacturing of electronic component parts; matter related to an electronic smoking pipe; matter related to optical particle counter; contract matter regarding reverse engineering and trade secret misappropriation; matter related to the sale of educational material; matter regarding inventor claim of patent ownership; dispute related to agricultural products; dispute related to commercial rights in an article of clothing; numerous personal injury and consumer matters.

Commercial Trials 

Unfair competition; contracts; intellectual property including patent, copyright, trademarks; entertainment; trade secret litigation; Markman (claim construction hearings; RICO; FRCP Rule 11 Sanctions proceedings.

Commercial Transactions

IP and technology licensing; patent pools; RAND licensing; trade secrets; publicity rights; domain names; trademark; copyrights; distribution; supply; manufacturing; R&D; product endorsement; agency agreements, real estate transactions and broker agreements regarding business and real estate sales; international trade and enforcement of rights; architectural rights in commercial structures; insurance coverage issues arising out of advertising injury coverage.


Ongoing engagement with foreign counsel in connection numerous countries in connection with the filing and foreign prosecution of patent and trademark registration applications; US Customs and foreign importation matters including seizure of counterfeit products; foreign grey market importation matters; discovery in Japanese courts; depositions in Europe (primarily Germany) in connect with US litigation; service of process under the Hague Convention; assist Holland company in the assignment of international patent rights and the enforcement of those rights; managed patent enforcement and patent validity litigation in Germany; negotiated and drafted numerous international patent and trademark license agreements and foreign territory product distribution agreements; managed Polish counsel in legal matters conducted in Poland; interacted UK engineers, inventors and legal counsel in connection with prosecution of hip transplant invention; represented client in international arbitration matter between Japan and US related to copyright license agreements; enforcement of judgments in foreign countries; represented Italian client in litigation regarding a weaving product including pursuing litigation in Italy regarding same; represented Swiss company in connection with product development and IP protection; Represented client in connection with commercial agreement with Mexico company; specific countries include Eurasia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Holland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China among others.


Consultant agreements, employee and employer non-compete, employee IP ownership rights, confidentiality, and employment agreements.


Non-profit board governance, executive compensation, audit committee duties and independence, conflict of interest reporting and obligations of board members, regulatory financial reporting; merger and acquisition due diligence matters.

Government and Regulatory

Proceedings before the ITC, U.S. Customs, U.S. Patent Office – patent prosecution and board of appeals matters – U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Department of Justice patent pool matters; ESI discovery disputes.


GCL advertising injury, duty to defend, reservation of rights, and personal injury insurance coverage.


CAFC, 9th Circuit, 5th Circuit, and California Appellate.

Electronic Discovery

ESI management and discovery numerous speaking engagements on the topic; actively participated in eDiscovery matters; published numerous articles including Sedona Conference White Papers on eDiscovery.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Assisting and advising entrepreneurs and businesses on board governance, protection of corporate and IP assets, resolution of business disputes and business operations

Non-Profit Board

Advising and consulting on board governance, organization, structures and operations.