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Contract Mediation Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Mediation is an effective way to settle contract disputes arising from differences in interpretation, misunderstandings, or simply breaches. Often contracts have arbitration clauses that provided for a non-judicial process. Even when there is an arbitration clause, mediation is often effective in quickly and economically resolving issues before arbitration or formal litigation while preserving business relationships. If you're in the Greater Los Angeles area, or the surrounding areas of Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside, and Ventura, California, reach out and get the support of a skilled litigator.

Why Use Mediation

Mediation is effective in resolving commercial disputes arising from a vast variety of disagreements, including but not limited to:

  • IP license agreements

  • Distribution agreements

  • Supply agreements

  • Employment contract disputes

  • Consulting agreements

  • Product development agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Real estate-related agreements

  • Purchase and sales agreements

  • & Asset purchase agreements. 

These are just a few of the types of disputes within Mr. Wood’s experience. He understands that your situation needs personalized focus because no situations are the exact same.

Efficient and Effective

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Another advantage of mediation is privacy regarding the terms and conditions of a resolution. Mediation also offers the prospect of considerable savings in time and resources enabling the parties to return their focus to their businesses.

Contract Mediation Attorney
in Los Angeles, California

There are many reasons a contract dispute might arise, but only one way to settle these disputes quickly and efficiently. Through contract dispute mediation, Greg Wood provides California businesses with an efficient and effective option for resolving business contract disputes. Contact him today to discuss whether mediation is the right solution for your business or contract dispute.

If you find yourself in a contract dispute in the Greater Los Angeles area, don't face this alone. With Attorney Greg Wood, you will get creative guidance through personalized focus and an attorney who listens to your needs. Attorney Wood also serves those throughout Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside, and Ventura, California.