Technology is often the primary focus in disputes ranging from patent infringement, technology licensing, trade secret disputes, big data cases involving eDiscovery, and technology development agreements just to name a few. These disputes are often resolved through conventional litigation taking years and literally millions of dollars to reach a final decision. Mediation provides a cost effective, confidential, and rapid process for resolving these disputes that open many option for resolution that are simply not available in the litigation context.

Technology matters can also by highly unpredictable. For example, in patent validity, claim construction, infringement, damages, electronic discovery and the need for experts compound the expense and uncertainty. Furthermore, the parties, in giving the matter to a court or jury to decide lose control of settlement options and the resolution process to a jury who may have difficulty understanding the technology.

Mediation to resolve complex technology disputes present a win-win opportunity placing both parties in a much better position to control the outcome. Examples might include cross licensing, agreed upon modifications of technology to avoid infringement, phase out arrangements or structured financial payments.

For over 40 years, Greg Wood has focused on litigation and transactional practice involving electronics, computers, optics, mechanics and other technology disciplines. As a registered patent attorney, former engineer and trial attorney, Greg can quickly analyze and understand complex technology, understand the parties’ business interests, and discern the legal principles that apply to help parties resolve disputes involving technology matters by encouraging constructive communication. Contact him today 818-527-1176 or 800-616-1202 for a consultation.

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