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Why Use a Patent Attorney in Beverly Hills CA for Your Mediation?

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

While many lawyers act as proficient mediators, complex cases involving intellectual property or internet technology require a specific skill set. Many times, parties have a list of mediators from which to choose and their attorneys can provide some input based on any previous experience. Commercial litigators are frequently on these lists. However, many of these litigation experts have never negotiated a contract regarding intellectual property or litigating a case of this nature. A patent attorney in Beverly Hills California likely has more knowledge and experience with these complex issues. Gregory Wood is a patent attorney in Beverly Hills California who brings more than 35 years of experience to his role as a mediator.

Experience is a key component to providing effective mediation services to intellectual property disputes. Much time can be lost by having to explain complicated terms, processes and agreements to someone who is not seasoned in this area. Additionally, a Beverly Hills CA patent attorney realizes how important confidentiality is in matters regarding intellectual property and will ensure that the proceedings are kept confidential.

Having experience to rely on can also be a significant benefit to a mediator who can help narrow in on the issues and think up creative solutions to the problems that the parties are facing. Contemplating workable solution in complex technology cases often requires a mediator who is able to think outside the box and bounce ideas off of attorneys and their clients. An effective mediator can facilitate constructive dialogue between the parties in order to help them state their actual interests in the case. This can lead to the parties developing a pragmatic solution that hones in on these interests. An effective mediator with a background in intellectual property can help take the parties’ ideas one step further so that they can work out a solution with which they are all satisfied.