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Warning Signs that You Need a Patent Attorney in Orange County CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Although much attention is given to beautiful homes, fashion and other superficial characteristics, a patent attorney in Orange County California can explain that some of the most valuable assets people and businesses own are intellectual property. There are certain signs that suggest when you may need the assistance of a patent attorney in Orange County California.

You Are Not Sure Your Invention Qualifies

Not all inventions or ideas qualify for a patent. You must be able to show why your particular idea is novel and different than what is already available in the market. If you cannot secure a patent, a patent attorney can let you know this information. If this is the situation, you may have to try to break through the industry first so that you can capitalize on the idea before someone else discovers the same secret or steals the idea from you.

You Want to Apply for a Patent

Applying for a patent is a complex process that requires very detailed information. While this may be the first time that you are applying for a patent, a patent attorney handles patent applications on a regular basis. He or she can explain the patent application process and provide suggestions on how to ensure your highest likelihood of success. Having a patent attorney assist with this process also helps you avoid being in limbo for a long time while the application is pending.

Someone Claims You Infringed

One of the reasons why you acquire a patent is to prevent other people from using your ideas for their own profit without your consent. However, sometimes other individuals or companies may allege that you are the one infringing on their intellectual property. A patent attorney can review any allegations against you and the patent you are being accused of violating in order to develop a legal strategy for you.