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Top Three Conflict Resolution Tips from A Patent Attorney in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

patent attorney in Beverly Hills California knows the inherent risks of pursuing or defending patent litigation. The party who believes his or her patent has been infringed upon may find out that his or her patent was not as strong as intended. The other party may face the consequence of having to pay substantial monetary damages. By following these three conflict resolution tips from a patent attorney in Beverly Hills California, you may be able to minimize your liability while increasing your probability of resolving your case.

Ask the Right Questions

Sometimes parties or their counsel only ask questions in order to get the answers they want. However, this tactic often does not work and makes the other party defensive. Frame questions in a tactful manner that helps to uncover issues involved in the case. Sometimes it helps to state the reason why you are asking something before making the request. This helps confirm that you are simply doing your job and trying to get to the root of the problem.

Focus on the Problem, Not the Person

Technology disputes can become personal, but they certainly do not have to. Remove the person from the equation and try to attack the lingering problem. By separating the two, you can set a tone for cooperation and emphasize the need for parties and their counsel to work together.

Connect Offers

In order to minimize the monetary value of a proposed settlement, offer two options in an either-or format. For example, ask whether the party wants monetary damages or a licensing agreement. This gives the other party the chance to reflect on what would actually benefit the party the most.