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Three Employment Disputes in Beverly Hills CA Better Solved Through Mediation

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Some employment disputes bring media attention to them, especially when the employer is perceived as violating employee rights or mistreating them. However, some employment disputes in Beverly Hills California are better handled through mediation than litigation. Because mediation focuses on confidential proceedings in which the parties work out a solution of which they are both satisfied, employment disputes in Beverly Hills California can often be more quickly and effectively resolved through mediation than litigation.


Whether preparing an initial contract between employees and employers or enforcing an existing contract, contract disputes are well positioned for mediation. This is particularly the case when patent rights or copyright rights arise under an employment relationship. When parties contract, they usually have the intention of carrying out the terms of the contract. They may have even spent hours of time negotiating these terms until there are parameters established that both parties ultimately agree to. Rather than severing the employment relationship, employers may ask employees to mediate claims regarding contract formation or breach of contract issues or ownership of intellectual property rights.  Additionally, mediation may serve as a useful tool for disputes involving former employees. For example, an employer may want to enforce a non-compete agreement or a confidentiality agreement against an employee while the employee wants the freedom to seek similar employment or disclose or use confidential information. The parties may agree to modify their original agreement to better serve their individual and mutual interests or clarify what the employee can or cannot do in later employment.