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Skills to Look for In a Patent Attorney in Orange County CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

patent attorney in Orange County California focuses on securing intellectual property rights for clients. He or she may also help defend a person’s rights or fight off claims regarding infringement.  Before tackling this complex area, it is important to find the right patent attorney in Orange County California.  Some skills that lead to success in patent attorneys include:

Strong Research Skills

A patent attorney must be able to conduct extensive research into your product or idea to determine if a similar product is already protected under federal patent law. Additionally, he or she must be able to understand the components and function of your product or idea in order to differentiate it from other similar products or ideas in the same industry.  A patent attorney should be well versed in intellectual property law and stay cognizant of changes in the law.

Strong Evaluative Skills

A patent attorney must also have strong evaluative skills. This refers to the ability to evaluate a particular claim or objective to determine the plausibility of an outcome in the client’s favor. This may relate to the patent application itself, a challenge to your own intellectual property or a mediation session regarding patents.  Usually, this evaluation takes into consideration the particular circumstances of the case, the relevant laws in question and the trend of recent decisions in the jurisdiction. The question that the attorney must answer is whether it is likely that the client will be successful in court or with an arbitrator.

Strong Process Skills

If two or more parties decide to go through the mediation process in order to resolve their intellectual property dispute, it is important that your attorney possess process skills.  Your attorney’s job is to seek the best possible result for your case.   Strong process skills enable the attorney to encourage agreement when this is what is best for you.