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Possible Reasons for Contract Disputes in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

Despite business deals and transactions starting out sunshine and roses, there’s a chance that even the most promising transaction can head south and straight into litigation with contract disputes in Beverly Hills CA.

But what happened? How could seemingly promising relationships get off course and crash in a fiery heap that has both sides lawyering up and ready for battle? According to legal experts, the trouble usually arises in one of three areas.

1. The contract itself

It’s all about expectations. And when one party’s expectations don’t match up with the other party’s, no matter how far down the road into the contract they are, there’s bound to be trouble. Contracts need to cover all possibilities, eventualities and even other players in the process. Roles like developers, designers, contractors, suppliers and subcontractors all enter the transaction and if they’re duties and expectations aren’t specifically spelled out in “scope of work,” trouble could arise.

2. The people

People can make or break a business deal; it’s a fact of life. Often, even the most clearly written expectations and work plans can be derailed by “people” involved in the work and send the deal crashing into the ground. Understanding the people involved in the work you’re undertaking and looking into track record and previous projects will serve you well.

3. The unknown

The world is chaotic and the “unknown” in contract dispute issue encompasses pretty much anything that happens to get to contract off track that isn’t the fault of either part. Crazy weather. Union strikes. Natural disasters. These all have the potential to create issues with even the best constructed contracts and can lead to disputes.