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Positive Ways to Resolve Technology Dispute Mediation in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

Even though technology dispute mediation in Beverly Hills California seeks to make the process more pleasant when compared to litigation, technology disputes can be heated procedures. They often involve intensive work and time that has been put into creating new technology or licensing it. Technology dispute mediation in Beverly Hills California can be a positive experience when the parties and their legal representatives:

Actively Listen

Oftentimes people “listen” only so that they can formulate a counter-argument. This isn’t really listening. By truly listening, meaning to take in what the other person is saying and truly reflect on it, parties and their counsel can understand the other perspective of the case. Additionally, active listening can help uncover the party’s interests, which can be used to help inform settlement negotiations.

See Behind the Anger

Technology disputes may involve parties who are expressing themselves through anger. However, anger is often a cover for another, more intense emotion. This underlying emotion may be one of feeling betrayed, hurt, afraid or confused. By allowing the other party to exhaust anger without responding in kind, the true feelings may be unearthed. Then, this information can be addressed in a productive manner.

Emphasize Commonalities

Try to find common ground between the parties, whether it be their mutual interest in working together in the future or simply the goal of both parties to avoid costly and public litigation. This helps the parties align their interests and consider the negative repercussions of not resolving the dispute.

Focus on the Future

Even if there is currently bad blood between the parties, focus your input on the future, rather than on rehashing the negatives of the past. Instead of focusing on how things deteriorated, spend your time thinking of creative solutions to the problem.