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Pitfalls of Commercial Contract Disputes in San Bernardino CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Due to the increase in businesses and investments in the area, contract disputes in San Bernardino California are not uncommon. Attorneys face a number of pitfalls when dealing with contract disputes in San Bernardino California on a regular basis. Being cognizant of these pitfalls can help attorneys better prepare their clients for the likely challenges ahead.


Commercial contract disputes often involve a number of parties. Therefore, each additional party adds a greater likelihood that there will be delays. This may be a result of a discovery request being cumbersome, one party refusing to negotiate when other parties are ready to settle or attorneys attempting to track down witnesses who are no longer in the area. These tasks often take quite some time to complete and the process is often delayed when many parties are involved.

High Emotional Stakes

Although this type of litigation may not appear to be as emotionally-driven as other forms of litigation such as family law or probate law, commercial litigation can still be very emotional. Individuals may have invested their entire life savings into a business. The dispute may be between business partners who are also family members. Feelings of resentment and betrayal are quite common. When a person’s livelihood is at stake, it is often a personal issue. Commercial litigation attorneys must strike the careful balance of acknowledging the emotional stakes involved in a case and attempting to redirect clients toward the objective goals.

Complex Issues

Commercial disputes may involve complex matters, expert witnesses and difficult concepts. Ultimately, a jury of people who do not work in the same profession may be the ultimate decision making authority. In some cases, a commercial disputes lawyer may recommend the parties participate in mediation so that people more seasoned in this field are the ones making the decisions that most affect them.