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Peacefully Resolving Commercial Contract Disputes in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Many commercial contract disputes in Beverly Hills California are peacefully resolved through the use of mediation. Through mediation, the parties concentrate on coming up with a resolution that works for both parties. The path to peacefully resolving commercial contract disputes in Beverly Hills California includes:


During a business dispute, it is easy to see the issues as either being on your side or against you. However, it is possible to find options that can ultimately satisfy both parties. Just as your client and the other party’s client likely negotiated the original contract, the parties can work together to negotiate the terms of a mediation agreement. One successful tactic is sometimes for one party or legal representative to make an initial offer and then the other party makes a reciprocal offer. At some point, the parties may reach an agreement.


To get the other side to budge on some issues, it is necessary to persuade the other party of the merits of your own position. Additionally, you must be able to show why even if an issue is resolved in your favor how it will still benefit both parties.


The skillset that makes a person a great litigator is often adverse to the approach needed in mediation. In mediation, it is important that legal representatives show each other, the mediator and the parties respect. Being disrespectful during mediation can inhibit cooperation and promotes resistance.


Patience is a virtue, especially in mediation. Mediation can often take many hours before the parties reach an agreement. In some cases, it may take multiple mediation sessions before an agreement is made. Additionally, parties and their legal counsel must be patient with the other party and their attorney, especially when they feel the other side is being unreasonable in their position or settlement offer.