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Legal Issues Confronted by A California Patent Attorney in Los Angeles California

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

California patent attorney in Los Angeles California works with intellectual property issues on a routine basis. Some of the legal issues confronted by a California patent attorney in Los Angeles California are briefly explained below.

Patent Applications

Being approved for a patent is no easy task. While some people risk applying for a patent by doing it on their own, inventors are much more likely to be successful when they retain the services of an experienced patent attorney. Sometimes a patent attorney is not brought into the case until after the patent application has been filed or denied. This can make the process potentially more difficult for a patent attorney who will need to go through the initial application and identify and correct the problems rather than starting fresh with a new application.


Another issue that intellectual property attorneys deal with is the revelation of intellectual property. Once a patent is approved, it basically becomes public knowledge. An intellectual property attorney can advise whether it would be preferable for an inventor to file for a patent or try to release his or her product in a way that will allow him or her to dominate the market while the idea is fresh to avoid the risk that someone else will try to profit from the idea.


Part of the patent process is looking for existing ideas that have already been patented. Sometimes intellectual property attorneys must handle issues of infringement. The inventor that the attorney is representing may be accused of infringing on someone else’s intellectual property or someone else may be infringing on the inventor’s ideas. An intellectual property attorney can discuss different strategies and the risks and benefits of each one.