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Importance of Using a Commercial Trial Attorney in Ventura California as An Arbitrator

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Importance of Using a Commercial Trial Attorney in Ventura California as an Arbitrator

One of the huge advantages of arbitration is the importance of being able to select the decision maker. This option is not available in litigation in which the judge is simply appointed to the case and a jury is randomly selected. Also it is not available through mediation. Although the parties can select the mediator, he or she is not a decision maker. Many commercial disputes are benefited from using an arbitrator who has served as a commercial trial attorney in Ventura California. Whether he or she is experienced as a plaintiff’s or a defense commercial trial attorney in Ventura California, using such a person can add tremendous value to arbitration.

Commercial trial attorneys are more familiar with the types of issues and evidence involved in commercial disputes than other types of arbitrators. Through their own experience, these individuals have learned the complex procedures and case law that supports various positions. They can quickly discern the underlying issues involved in a dispute and save time by not having to go into exhaustive explanations regarding customary business practices.

Juries are often bored with such minutiae, and attorneys risk alienating them by having expert witnesses drone on about various issues involved in the case. Judges may pay attention to such testimony but still not fully comprehend it. However, commercial trial attorneys are more receptive to such information and recognize the strengths and limitations of such expert testimony. They can carefully weigh this evidence against other evidence in the record in order to come up with a fair and equitable solution.

Additionally, commercial trial attorneys tend to be more neutral than jurors. Jurors commonly dislike big businesses, even if the weight of the evidence is soundly on their side. In arbitration, the parties are more likely to receive a fair shake, regardless of their identity.