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How to Research Technology Dispute Mediation in California

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Technology dispute mediation in California is a method or resolving disputes which seats afflicted parties at the same table as a neutral party trained in negotiation methods and techniques to reach reasonable resolutions—all in an effort to keep the parties out of court.

In the tech world, these disputes are often high-profile, high-dollar and high stakes in Beverly Hills. To specifically meet the demands of these disputes, technical mediation is the act of applying expertise and subject-specific knowledge to a complex, contested matter.

But how do you know what to look for when you’re researching a technology dispute mediator? Here are two tips to get you started:

  1. Be specific about your case

Really narrow down your issue and define whatever niche it might fall in. Unlike other areas of law that might be more general and not demand very specific knowledge, technology requires real, honest expertise. By the time a case reaches a point where options include either litigation or mediation, it’s often far beyond black and white, cut and dry issues. You’ll need a verified, experienced expert to lead the negotiation and you’ll need to research past cases, education, professional associations and memberships as well as any further training a potential mediator has undertaken to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of technology.

  1. Research a range of possible solutions

As you move forward in mediation, understanding the possible paths the resolution can take and how it affects your case is vital. Look into past disputes and publicized cases similar to the one you’re facing and take note of solutions, decisions and opinions. Should a mediator suggest any of these, how would it affect your standing, your product or your finances?

If you’re facing a technology dispute in Beverly Hills, consider mediation services as an alternative to lengthy, expensive litigation.