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How to Prepare for Intellectual Property Mediation in Los Angeles

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

While many individuals may believe that there is only way to solve intellectual property disputes – litigation – this is often not the case. Individuals and businesses may be able to peacefully resolve their claims through the process of intellectual property mediation in Los Angeles. The key benefits to mediation are that the parties can resolve their issues more quickly and more affordably than they would likely be able to through litigation. Below are three key ways that you can make the most of your session for intellectual property mediation in Los Angeles.

Provide Documents

At the heart of an intellectual property dispute, there are usually key documents. This may be a contract between the parties or a patent that is being infringed upon. Provide any other documents that can help the mediator understand the issues involved in the case. Sometimes documents can provide a clearer picture than that which would be available by two emotionally-driven parties.

Identify Your Interests

Sometimes the interests that a client says to his or her attorney are not his or her real interests. For example, a client may believe that another party is infringing on his or her patent. While he or she may tell the attorney that he or she wants an injunction to stop the other party, he or she may really want to establish a licensing deal to profit from the other’s use of the intellectual property. It is also important to identify the negative impact of litigation, such as the increased time and expense involved.

Select the Best Mediator

The most direct correlation for a successful mediation is a successful mediator. Be sure that you select someone who has a background in intellectual property law. This complex area of the law requires someone familiar with the rules and procedures associated with it.