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How Technology Dispute Mediation in Beverly Hills CA Can Protect Your Company

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Technology disputes and other intellectual property disputes have the potential to wreak havoc on a business. These disputes can take years before litigation is concluded, costing the business great time and expense. Furthermore, this situation can keep your client’s technological invention or business in limbo, causing it to lose out on an untold number of opportunities. Rather than litigating a case, you may better serve your clients’ needs through technology dispute mediation in Beverly Hills California. By using technology dispute mediation in Beverly Hills California, you may be able to help protect your clients’ interests and propel them to future growth.

You and the other party’s attorney can offer recommendations on which mediator you should select for your technology dispute mediation. Look for someone with experience in intellectual property law and who has credentials that you can easily validate. Having someone who is somewhat of an expert in this field can make a tremendous difference due to the experience he or she can rely on.

During mediation, the mediator you select will work with the parties to determine possible resolutions of the dispute. This may include an agreement between the parties to purchase technology or to license it. It may also be a start for companies to work together on a new project. The parties are not bound to the limited remedies available in a courtroom, so they can truly work out an agreement that takes all of their interests into consideration. The mediator will facilitate communication and point out aspects of the case that the party has not considered. Although you may have provided your client with similar information, he or she pays for your opinion. A mediator is an objective person who can look at the situation from a different perspective and can provide a candid outlook to the client.