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How Commercial Mediation in Beverly Hills CA Can Help

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

While you know that commercial disputes can become some of the most heated and contentious issues in litigation, you also understand that businesses are often not served through litigation. Pursuing a case in court may help your client eventually “win,” but commercial mediation in Beverly Hills California often provides a preferable alternative to litigation. Commercial mediation in Beverly Hills California can provide benefits to parties that they would not receive through a lawsuit.

Redistributing Power

Once your clients head to a courtroom, they are handing over their power to a judge or jury. They are hoping that they can convince the fact finder of their version of events and that the other party will be punished. However, the parties are often more intimate with the details regarding issues that arose in the commercial context and the steps necessary to align their interests once again.

By going through commercial mediation, the parties retain control of the situation. They do not have to agree to anything with which they are not satisfied.

Creative Solutions

Let’s face it, judges do not preside over a case to come up with creative solutions.  That is also not the job of the jury.  If a client wins a case, he or she may be awarded money damages. Then, the client must pursue enforcement of the judgment. Even if the client “wins” in litigation, he or she likely will have lost years of time while the case was pending. His or her business may have taken a hit while litigation ensued.

Commercial mediation provides an opportunity for businesses to collaborate. They can reach an agreement with terms that the court may have never considered. By having the clients work toward a mutual agreement, they may be able to get their relationship back on track and re-align their interests.