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Effective Strategies to Help Resolve Employment Disputes in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

Employment disputes in Beverly Hills California can result in negative consequences for both parties. The employer may speculate as to the amount of damages it may be required to pay. The employee may be in limbo waiting for the case to be resolved. Mediation provides an effective manner to solve employment disputes in Beverly Hills California. By completing the following steps, you can increase your probability of success.

State Your Position Tactfully

In mediation, the parties often see the problem from two very different angles, and their attorneys help highlight these differences. However, in order to persuade the other side of the merits of your case, it is important that you be able to articulate your position without alienating the other side. If your client has done anything wrong to contribute to the problem and acknowledges this, offer an apology for playing this role. At the same time, explain how your client felt after the other party took certain steps in the process, such as terminating employment or affecting a client relationship.

Don’t Blame

While you may feel that your client is right and the other party is wrong, mediation is not usually well served with this basic stance. Rather than focusing on blaming the other party for causing problems in the employment context, focus on methods of solving the problem. By blaming the other side, it is possible that you will cut off communication and them taking any responsibility in the process.

Carefully Choose Your Battles

Again, while you may want to prove that you are right, concentrate your efforts on the issues that will really make a difference in the case. Sometimes conceding on an issue that does not really matter to you can motivate the other party to concede on an issue of greater importance.