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Consider Copyright Infringement Arbitration in Los Angeles CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

The stakes are high in copyright infringement cases. If the party who is being infringed wins, the violator may have to pay a significant monetary award to equitably compensate the original party. If the plaintiff loses, he or she may have opened the door for other parties to profit off of his or her original work. Copyright infringement arbitration in Los Angeles California provides an alternative to litigating these issues. By being fully aware of the process of copyright infringement arbitration in Los Angeles California, you can present your clients with an option that may save them time and money.

Copyright infringement arbitration starts by the parties agreeing to have an impartial person or panel make a determination in the case. The parties agree that the decision is binding, but this information should be extremely clear in the arbitration agreement.

A distinct advantage that this process has over litigation is that it is kept private and confidential, which can help prevent the party who feels that his or her work is being infringed from suffering similar damages from other parties. Another advantage of arbitration over litigation of copyright infringement cases is that the parties can exert additional control over the process by making modifications to the arbitration agreement before the process commences. For example, the parties may stipulate to the number and type of issues that will be brought up, as well as the requirement to keep proprietary information confidential.

In the digital age in which a party may have only a limited time in which to profit off an idea or work before the next trend begins, arbitration can help provide a faster resolution to a case than waiting for it to be heard in a courtroom.