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Benefits of Mediating Contract Disputes in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Contract disputes in Beverly Hills California are common occurrences when one of the parties breaches his or her obligations under the contract or behaves in a way that makes the other party feel that the deal is threatened. Contract disputes in Beverly Hills California can arise for any number of reasons, including disagreements regarding employment contracts, construction contracts that are not being honored or intellectual property license agreements that are being breached.

While a common reaction to contract disputes is to run to the courthouse, conscientious lawyers should consider the process of mediation as an alternative to expensive and time-consuming litigation. Often in contract disputes, both parties wind up losing business, time and money. Their reputation may also be damaged and other investors and parties may be unwilling to work with someone who they believe is litigious.

By mediating contract disputes, clients discuss their concerns with a neutral mediator who helps facilitate communication. This process is much different than litigation in which parties are adversaries. An experienced mediator will help the parties move toward a solution. Because the parties arrive at this solution on their own instead of giving the power to a judge to decide issues that affect the party’s lives and businesses, the parties are often able to maintain respect for one another and continue with the business deal.

Even if the parties are unable to reach an agreement during one mediation session, they are often able to settle their case before a trial. Mediating contract disputes helps to provide the foundation for further negotiations and the possibility of mitigating the expenses that are rampant with litigation. Additionally, parties usually share in the expense of mediation, so neither party has to be out an exorbitant amount of money in order to peacefully resolve the issues.