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Benefits of Intellectual Property Mediation in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

When you are facing an intellectual property case in Beverly Hills CA, one route to consider taking is mediation, or alternative dispute resolution. Mediation involves both parties in a dispute coming to the table with a neutral third party to find a resolution that is agreeable to both parties—all outside of the courtroom.

Mediation, whenever possible, is a great choice in disputes and offers many benefits, including privacy (discussions and work sessions are kept private and not part of court documents) less time involved in court dates, trials and preparation, as well as ease of ending the dispute as amicably as possible outside of a trial.

Trials are expensive. From hourly attorneys billing both parties, depositions, trial materials, expert witnesses and other related court costs add up quickly and take its toll on personal and business finances.

Additionally, potentially lengthy trials demand opportunity costs, which is the value placed on what you could be pursuing if you weren’t embroiled in court case. For business owners, the opportunities to further build and grow their businesses are lost to the time spent in trial. Similarly, individuals in litigation lose out on employment opportunity and time spent with families and friends.

Also important to take into consideration are emotional costs. There are people out in the world who thrive on the drama and sense of conflict inherent with court cases, but the majority of us find it stressful and exhausting. While mediation isn’t a cure all for every case, it can help businesses and individual cut down the financial, opportunistic, and emotional costs of court trials.