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Benefits of Getting a California Employment Disputes Mediator Involved Early in The Process

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

Although employment disputes can arise for a number of reasons, their commonality is that they often cause much disruption to the business.  In order to minimize such disruption, it is prudent to involve a California employment disputes mediator as early in the process as possible.  A California employment disputes mediator is a neutral third party who attempts to resolve legal issues without the involvement of the court system.

When an employment dispute arises, the employee and employer may believe that they have opposing positions.  The employee may feel wronged because he or she was disciplined, demoted or overlooked for a promotion.  He or she may have a wage and hour claim against the employer.  Meanwhile, the employer may be afraid that the employee is considering unjustified litigation which can spell bad publicity for the business.  Other employees may stick up for the one who is part of the dispute and the employer may face declining morale because of the employment issue.

An employment disputes mediator brought in early can provide a dramatic impact to the case.  He or she can be involved before the parties become too cemented in their respective positions.  If a misunderstanding such as a payroll error or a report that is not credible is to blame, the parties can resolve their issue peacefully with minimal disruption to the business.

In more complex matters, involving a mediator early in the process can still bring about positive benefits.  When a mediator is brought in at the beginning of the dispute, more options may be available.  For example, the employee may like his or her job and the employer may want to preserve the employment relationship.  The parties may reach an agreement in which they can continue this relationship while taking other steps to resolve the underlying issues that led to the dispute in the first place.