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Benefits of Copyright Infringement Arbitration in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 2, 2022

Copyright infringement arbitration in Beverly Hills California can be an ideal way to resolve a legal dispute between two or more parties. Arbitration is quickly becoming the preferred method of handling intellectual property disputes, including copyright infringement cases. Some of the key benefits of copyright infringement arbitration in Beverly Hills California include:

Ability to Choose an Expert Arbitrator

Copyright infringement cases are often complicated and concern a number of key rights and specific legal terms. When a jury decides a case, the parties are limited in their ability to select the fact finder. With arbitration, the parties are free to choose someone with profound subject matter expertise. Doing so allows the parties to concentrate their time on proving the issues and not on educating the fact finder of the complexities of intellectual property law.

Additionally using an arbitrator cuts down on the personal biases that tend to hamper the juries. Many jurors feel a connection with the “little guy” and may have an inherent dislike for a larger corporation. Arbitrators often do not bring such personal biases in with them. Additionally, an arbitrator must be able to articulate the reasons for his or her decisions, so any award must be supported by an objectively reasonable position.


Another significant benefit of arbitrating a copyright infringement case is that arbitration can establish an enforceable decision that can only be appealed under very limited circumstances. Additionally, decisions made in arbitration that concern intellectual property law can be recognized and honored in international courts, helping a party to receive an award that will help prevent further infringement throughout the world.

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