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Arbitration: Path to Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes in Beverly Hills CA

Greg Wood Dec. 1, 2022

Intellectual property disputes in Beverly Hills California often involve complex issues, such as patent infringement, copyright infringement and licensing disputes. In order to resolve intellectual property disputes in Beverly Hills California, parties may turn to the process of arbitration.

In arbitration, the parties can decide who the decision maker is, rather than relying on a random judge and jury assigned to the case. This allows them to pick someone with a background in patent law or other applicable areas. Arbitrators who have the requisite technical knowledge and experience can benefit the process by skipping any steps necessary to educate the arbitrator on the nature of the industry and issues at hand so that the arbitrator can focus on the actual points of contention. This process also allows the parties to argue their case without having to simplify complex issues.

Many intellectual property disputes are time-sensitive. One party may allege that the other is infringing on its intellectual property disputes. As such, it is important that the case be quickly be resolved so that the parties do not stay in limbo. By the time a case makes its way through the court system, the technology involved in a case may be obsolete by the time it is resolved in that forum. Arbitration can help resolve a case in a fraction of the time. Additionally, appeals are limited in the arbitration context so this can further cut years off of the potential longevity of the case.

The parties have greater control of the process than they do in litigation. For example, they can agree to limit the scope of discovery, which also helps on the path of a timely resolution. Less time in the legal world also usually equates to less expense, which is important to both parties.